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Principal's Message

Alta Vista students and families;


As the new principal of Alta Vista High School, I would like to welcome all of our students to a new school year. If you are a returning student, you already know our outstanding teachers and staff and the many activities that are available to you. If you are a new student, you will find AVHS is a caring and supportive place, where our teachers will work with you to help you achieve your academic goals. I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and all of our staff are here to assist you on your academic journey and help you as you prepare for your future.


Dr. Ford





Alta Vista High School prepares student graduates to be:


Responsible citizens who:

  • Demonstrate respect for themselves, the school, the staff and fellow students.
  • Take responsibility for their own learning and personal conduct.
  • Demonstrate effective decision-making.
  • Cooperate with others to solve tasks and/or problems.

Critical thinkers who:

  • Effectively apply problem-solving skills.
  • Gather, analyze, understand, evaluate and communicate information using a variety of sources; written, oral, visual, and electronic.
  • Organize and apply information to solve problems, support positions, and produce products.
  • Apply knowledge to experiences and experiences to knowledge.

Effective communicators who:

  • Communicate ideas clearly in written and spoken English.
  • Comprehend and respond to written and spoken English.
  • Competently express themselves in oral presentations.

Self-directed workers who:

  • Are able to work positively and cooperatively with others.
  • Demonstrate creativity and produce quality work.
  • Identify and adapt to changes in society.
  • Establish practical post-secondary career and/or educational goals.


Credit Completion

1. Implementation of a school-wide, class specific system to explain and comprehend credit acquisition.

Vocational and Post-Secondary Planning

2. Prepare students for vocational and post-secondary options, including career readiness.

Connection to School

3. Utilize staff sponsored/led activities and programs to engage students in enrichment programs to provide a connectedness to the school.


4. Implement a school-wide process to provide opportunities for reading and comprehension of fiction and non-fiction materials and informational text.