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Fun Extended Learning Day

June 14, 2013

DSC_0685.JPG AVHS was the fastest OVERALL! AVHS Cross Country Team - Winners of the Strawberry Festival Run! DSC_0691.JPG DSC_0692.JPG DSC_0693.JPG DSC_0694.JPG DSC_0695.JPG DSC_0696.JPG DSC_0699.JPG Veronica was awarded the ASB Leadership Award DSC_0702.JPG Jenny Landin & Santiago Herrera received the Teacher's Choice Award for being a pleasure to have in class! The Hardest Worker Awards were given to Melvin Miranda & Juanita Tello! Gabe Cruz received the DSC_0740 DSC_0712.JPG DSC_0713.JPG DSC_0714.JPG DSC_0715.JPG DSC_0716.JPG DSC_0717.JPG DSC_0718.JPG DSC_0719.JPG DSC_0720.JPG DSC_0721.JPG DSC_0722.JPG DSC_0723.JPG DSC_0724.JPG DSC_0725.JPG DSC_0726.JPG DSC_0727.JPG DSC_0728.JPG DSC_0729.JPG DSC_0730.JPG DSC_0731.JPG DSC_0732.JPG DSC_0733.JPG DSC_0735.JPG DSC_0736.JPG DSC_0737.JPG DSC_0741.JPG
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